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Return to Romania – 2015

Each mission has such different surroundings yet the purpose is the same, to find Health for those seeking our support. The Romanian mission is underway and old friends are reconnecting to get to work to help those that have traveled so far to meet with us.


Romania Map

Where is Romania?

To help you understand where we are, Romania is a central European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, preserved medieval towns such as Sighişoara and many fortified churches and castles, notably clifftop Bran Castle, long associated with the Dracula legend. The area is ringed by the Carpathian Mountains, which are popular for trekking, climbing, skiing and bathing in natural thermal spas. We are an overnight train ride from Bucharest, in a town called Bostosani.


Emilia Matei 2015

Emilia Matei Translator

Upon our arrival we quickly made contact with our longtime friend and translator Emilia. Emilia has been translating for the mission since 2004 she was just 14 at that time and she now helps us set up the mission along with others who have been with us since they were very young.  I asked her about her connection with Medical Missions Foundation and she told me “I wanted to become a doctor because of the Medical Missions Foundation, they inspired me so much. I am an accountant now, but I wouldn’t have been the same without all of you, I have had some pretty amazing experiences each year. I’m now out of college, finished my Masters and still want to come see the mission when they come. I have made lifelong friendships with the Americans and I want to give back as much as they do. The plan is to volunteer for a Uganda Medical Missions trip. I consider Medical Missions Foundation to be a very large, accepting family.”
These missions are much more than just medical care and healing. They give people in the community a chance to experience more by helping those in their own area. There will be much more from Romania so please check back often as we tell more stories of the people we meet. We have over 206 people signed up to be seen by our doctors this will be an amazing mission.



Here is a look around the area we are working.


Entrance to the Mihai Eminescu Park

Entrance to the Mihai Eminescu Park


Entry to the Mihai Eminescu Park, depicting the Romanian people forefathers – the Dacians. Romania used to be Dacia, a land coveted by the Romans for the access to the Black Sea trading. The Romans conquered Dacia and the people mixed, thus creating the Romanian people (land of The Romans)








Adult Hospital

Adult Hospital


Children’s Hospital
















Street Scene

View down our street

Mayor's Hall Botosani

Mayor’s Hall Botosani