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India 2019 – Photo Gallery

India 2019 – Photo Gallery

“Find your gift and give it away”. That quote has been the inspiration for Medical Missions Foundation operating room nurse Teresa Von Hagel during her several missions to India. Our

India 2019 – Our Future Is Bright

The future of Medical Missions Foundation is here. Literally here in Bhopal, India.   Medical Missions brought two surgical residents on this trip for some specific and strategic reasons.  

India 2019 – Namaste

The traditional greeting of India literally means the divine in me recognizes the divine in you. Our team in India will be saying that a lot in the coming week.

Meet our Spectacular Nurses

Nurses are awesome. This week in Bhopal, the mission’s ten nurses did what nurses do: perform critical skills at an extremely high level while showing tenderness, strength, patience, and passion.