Become a Medical Missions Foundation volunteer



Volunteer Locally

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity in the metro Kansas City area, we always need volunteers to help organize our supply warehouse in preparation for missions abroad or help volunteer at one of our local missions. Partnering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, we provide local healthcare through our “Health for KC Littles” program. In addition, Medical Missions Foundation hosts fundraising events throughout the year, which are great volunteer experiences for individuals or groups.


Volunteer on a Mission

The core of the work of Medical Missions Foundation is provided by volunteer doctors, nurses, and support staff. Our surgeries and clinics are run and staffed by volunteer medical professionals and support personnel who use their own time, talents and money to do this important work.

In addition, space for non-medical volunteers is very limited and assigned by the mission coordinators based on the need for each mission. Volunteers work on logistics, clinic intake, and art projects with children awaiting surgery. In some countries, volunteers may work with local partners on initiatives ranging from clean water to burn prevention. Volunteers who are native speakers or fluent in needed languages help interpret on some missions.