9 out of 10 people around the world cannot access even the most basic surgical services.

 Due to lack of adequate medical infrastructure, community education, and financial resources,many people suffer from conditions or symptoms that a basic surgery, or medical care could alleviate.


Access to adequate medical care or a life-changing surgical procedure not only brings health, it brings hope.

Health changes everything.

Access to this basic care saves lives, elevates quality of life, and prevents unnecessarily shame or disability due to symptoms that could be alleviated or prevented.



We believe that Health for the World  is possible.

Because of that, Medical Missions Foundation sends teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, and support staff to provide surgical and medical care to underserved communities around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide surgical and medical care in underserved communities throughout the world and to positively impact the lives of children and their families.

 Our History | Motivated by Medicine

Inspired by their personal experiences, Drs. Tony and Luz Racela founded Medical Missions Foundation in 1996.

In their homeland of the Philippines, they knew all too well the vast array of unmet medical needs of children in impoverished countries.

Medical Missions Foundation made its inaugural mission in 1996, to the Philippines during which a team of 16 volunteers examined 50 children in clinic and performed 133 surgeries. Now, Medical Missions Foundation directly affects thousands of children and their families yearly through surgeries and clinics.

Our History | Inspired by Art

Medical Missions Foundation believes that the healing power of art.

In addition to the medical staff, each mission includes individuals, whose primary role is to bring light and joy to patients through artistic endeavors.

From painting colorful murals in orphanages, making paper flowers with children awaiting surgery, to having an interpretive dance party in the burn ward to loosen scars, artists of all kinds have become a successful part of the mission experience.

Beyond sharing their talents during missions, many local, national and international artists generously donate their work to Medical Missions Foundation’s largest fundraising event “Art for the Children”. Held each February, this event serves as the primary fundraising event for the foundation.

By uniquely harnessing two great passions – medicine and art – our vision of making a difference in the lives of the world’s forgotten children and families now shines in brilliant color in the smallest corners of the globe. And with the help of hundreds of donors and volunteers, we’re working to touch even more.

Meet our Staff Team

Dan Mauer – Executive Director

Tricia Grubb – Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Sulamita Ortiz – Mission Support Assistant

Meet our 2020 Board of Directors

Annie Jewell, MD

Brent Taylor

Ryan Brooke

 Missions Director
Mark Shields

Michael McCartney, MD

Kassatihun Gebre-Amlak, MD

Loren Ginden

Angela Truesdale

Lance Miller

Danyel Gimeno