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San Lucas 2024: Day 3 – Sylvester’s Story

San Lucas 2024: Day 3 – Sylvester’s Story

Today we had the pleasure of providing care to a 58 year old man named Sylvester. He has lived and worked in San Lucas Toliman his entire life. In this area of Guatemala, most homes rely on cut fire wood for heat, and to cook meals. Until last year, Sylvester was a wood cutter by profession. Cutting wood is how he has provided for his wife and family of 5 girls for 30 years.

Sylvester developed bilateral inguinal hernias from cutting wood. Day after day, using a machete to cut wood, and then carrying his load to the market for sale, has brought about this painful, debilitating condition. Our surgeons were able to repair his hernias and he will soon be able to return to work. Sylvester was so appreciative to our volunteer team for his surgery.

That is why we travel here, with such wonderful volunteers and support from our Medical Missions Foundation donors.

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