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Romania Day 5 2014

The last mission day snuck in and everyone is having a hard time believing it’s Thursday; time to say goodbye. What seems to be just a regular day for billions

Romania Day 4 2014

Romania has a social health insurance system, but one needs a government health insurance card to receive medical services. If one does not pay into the Government Health Insurance fund

Romania Day 3 2014

Nearly 500 consultations, 30 surgeries, over 150 pairs of glasses, thousands of vitamins, hundreds of toothbrushes, and toys shared – these are the results of the first three days of

Romania Day 2 2014

Botosani, Romania – After a quick breakfast at the hotel, everybody rushes out the door, expecting a long and busy day of consultations and surgery both at the Children’s and

Romania Day 1 2014

  Romania Mission Beginnings: May, 2001. 25 volunteers from the United States of America reached Botosani, in the most northern part of Romania, at the border with Ukraine Moldova.  They brought


The 2014 edition of the Uganda Medical Mission Trip is now complete. As we start to see coworkers, friends and family for the first time they will ask questions about

Night Owl

  There are many stories about going far beyond the call of duty from mission volunteers. The family and friends following along should be proud of the work their loved

It Starts With One

Everyday amazing things happen as a result of a simple gesture. As our team began to unload supplies at Lacor Hospital, a young man watched and listened as our team