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Let’s Get Care to the People

Let’s Get Care to the People

The work of our clinic team really is an amazing story. Each day they travel by bus to a remote location. Not down a smoothly paved road but rather a rough and bouncy journey down a dusty red dirt path. Along the way you see the real Uganda. No matter which way you look you see round huts with straw roofs, children walking along the road to get to school and women balancing baskets of food or containers of water on their head to take needed supplies back to their family. The journey itself can be emotional as you see how the people here are living. But as you come upon your clinic location you see hundreds of people waiting for you to arrive and suddenly you know why you have come all this way.


People walk or ride bikes for days in some cases to have a chance to see a doctor at one of these clinics. The distance to St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital is just too much more of a walk so the clinic is a necessity for the care of these people.


The clinics are staffed with doctors, nurses, support staff and a fully operational pharmacy. Each clinic is set up in less than 20 minutes and patients begin to see the doctors. The team works hard, long days, no electricity, no real restrooms and heat that at times is unbearable. But you do not hear one complaint from our volunteers. They are focused and at the end of any clinic 150-200 patients will have been seen and prescribed medicine.Clinic doctors


There are challenges throughout the week but what makes these missions so incredibly successful and rewarding are the people and the way they overcome what is happening at that single moment. It is a lesson in life. Challenges can be overcome to do what needs to be done to help someone else. During our time here we will meet people that have been injured for years, walked for miles and waited to see us. Look at the challenges they have overcome. Together, let’s find a way to do whatever it takes, to keep doing these missions and helping those that do whatever it takes to find us, when we arrive here in Uganda.