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How A Life Can Be Changed In an Instant

Today was a special day among the Medical Missions Uganda Team. In a week full of amazing events there are a many that stick with you long after you return to your life back home. You realize something has changed and then you recall it was a day like today and a special visit to the Lacor Burn Unit.



When you visit the unit you soon see the beds are filled with children with different degrees of burns. The stories about how the patients arrived in the burn unit vary from boiling water, to falling in a fire to intentional burns inflicted by another person. In Uganda fire lights a room, cooks a meal and keeps you warm and can be extremely dangerous for children. But it is a necessity here.


Over the last two years a special relationship has grown between the team and those in the burn unit.  It began with a visit from Amy Paulson, OT and has grown to an amazing story of helping a child in pain; heal and smile again. Dance parties, balloons, bubbles and special handmade dresses from a donor back home all designed to help the children regain movement and get the necessary therapy they need to return to a life away from the hospital. These small events in a week of activities are both physically helpful and emotionally a break from their recovery.


Today, a special wall mural was painted and the children were able to get out of bed to place their hand print beside those that have bonded with them. It was an amazing experience to watch and participate.Burn Patient 2014


The children in the unit are no different than any of our children. They were full of hope but then in an instant their world changed. Our volunteers came to Uganda with hope of healing and it is clear after just a couple of days that this mission is well on the way to becoming a great success. There are many volunteers handling, medical work, art therapy, fire prevention and education but over the course of the week an event will move you as a volunteer and you know then your life will be changed in that instant.