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San Lucas 2024: Day 5 – Parents Trust

San Lucas 2024: Day 5 – Parents Trust

Can you imagine traveling several hours with your precious child to a strange hospital to hand them over to strange people from another country who don’t look like you or speak your language? Today our pediatric patients experienced continuity of care that is so important when dealing with such challenging circumstances. The parents are so brave and so willing to accept our help.

From preoperative care, intra-operative care and then post anesthesia care, our smallest patients find loving arms. After surgery the parents are asked to sit with their child as they are waking up and you can see how happy and relieved they are that they’ve made a very crucial decision to have surgery for their child.

Gracias Gracias Gracias from the parents to us, and also Gracias Gracias Gracias from us to the parents for the trust they have in our staff of volunteers.

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