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Small but Mighty

Our Medical Missions Foundation Mali mission team was small, but our close collaboration with our partners in Dr. Oumar’s hospital means we worked as one unified and powerful team. This

This is why we come to Mali

  Dr. Brandon writes: Although we primarily are in Mali as a medical mission, our influence is much wider. One of the bright spots of our trip happened on our

Watching, Waiting, and Hoping

Gouro Bah & his mother came to Dr. Oumar’s hospital for the first time on Saturday April 4th. Dr. Oumar examined him and recommended they return when the Medical Missions

Patients Bring Joy to the OR

Toroba Samaké came into the hospital smiling, and his sunny disposition never wavered. He asked Abby, Ibrahim, and Ibrahima for their names, shook their hands and said “now you’re my

Welcome to Mali 2015

Some amazing statistics about Mali: with a population of over 16 million and a growth rate of 3%, which is one of the highest in the world, there will be