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Philippines 2015

In February of 2015, Medical Missions Foundation partnered with World Outreach Foundation and several Philippines’ based organizations to complete a mission at Ormoc District Hospital in Leyte.   A 40

Uganda 2015 – Day 5

The most powerful part of this blog are not the words I write. The photographs tell the story here as they do on all of our missions. We (and especially

Uganda 2015 – Day 4

In the course of a mission, the stories are many. More often than not, they are told at end of the day over dinner and a beer or two. Sometimes,

Uganda 2015 – Day 1

St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital is a full service facility. There are ICU units, burn units, Operating Rooms and hospital wards scattered in multiple buildings organized around a central courtyard with

Uganda 2015 – Day 0

It is Day 0 here in Uganda. It is called Day 0 because the mission does not officially start until tomorrow. However, the planning has been going on for about

Romania 2015 – Day 4

Why does Medical Missions Foundation come back to Botosani every year?   There’s family here. There’s need here. There’s sweat and tears and joy, along with an array of many other

Romania 2015 – Day 3

Romania is one of Europe’s former communist countries with a very high number of institutionalized orphans . Botosani county’s Child Protection Agency oversees close to 1200 orphans that are placed

Romania 2015 – Day 2

Certain patients we see during the mission stay with us well beyond our leaving Botosani. Last year a tearful and nervous mom of 9 (with one on the way) brought