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Mission Accomplished! 2016 Art for the Children Gala

Wow! What an event! As a new member of the Medical Missions Foundation team, I was impressed by the energy and generosity in the room Saturday evening.
We had a great mix of seasoned volunteers, long-time supporters and new attendees. The organization is vibrant, with the right mix of experience and “new blood.”
We sold 415 tickets to the event. We auctioned 145 items for over $57,000, with an additional $52,000 generated by the “Fund a Need” blitz at the end of the evening. In total, we raised $252,000 — including ticket sales, table sponsorships and donations prior to the event. Those are impressive numbers!
For those who attended, we are sincerely grateful for your support. If you have any thoughts on how we might make next year’s celebration even better, please share them with me or another member of the MedMissions’ team.
For those who were not able to join us, don’t feel guilty! There are hundreds of volunteers and supporters who may not be interested in dressing fancy (my tux was a tight fit!). There are so many ways to share the MedMissions’ crusade — from volunteering on one of our overseas missions, to providing financial support, to volunteering in our various activities in KC, to simply promoting our mission among your friends. It all makes a difference!
Let me extend my special thanks to the dozens of volunteers that organized and staffed the AFC gala. By all measurements, it was a tremendous success. Volunteers, attendees and other supporters are the source of our success — not just for this year’s gala, but for all the activities that make MedMissions’ work so meaningful.



Chuck Battey

Executive Director