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Labor of Love

Some of our team members with us on our mission this week may be joining us in Antigua for the first time, but are not by any means inexperienced missionaries. Carly Skjervem and her husband Brady are here this year for their first medical mission, but have been on several other trips around the world to help people in need through their church. They have visited an orphanage in South Sudan and went to Haiti to help construct homes. Although they loved lending a hand in building homes for people, Carly and Brady felt they could be even more helpful by getting involved in health related missions. Carly attends Graceland University in Independence and is working to become a nurse practitioner, and Brady goes to school at the University of Missouri, Kansas City to learn to be a nurse anesthetist. The two of them plan to continue seeking opportunities to travel and offer their service. Hopefully they will join us in Antigua again in the future!