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Antigua 2016 – Day 2, Celebrating 35 years of Compassionate Care


Our hospital, Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, is celebrating their 35th birthday this week. Every department has decorated an area of the hospital as part of a contest, and our working environment could not be more beautiful this year. Fray Carlos René Portillo Arévalo, Odra, and Anabela welcomed all of us on Sunday and invited us to join in the commemorative celebration this week. They also updated us on the construction status of their new building, Virgin de Soccorro. It was anticipated that the hospital’s permanent residents, many of whom are orphans abandoned by their families, would be in their new home by now. However, more funding is necessary, and he made a passionate appeal for donations. Opening their new facility will allow the hospital to make improvements necessary to bring their building up to date. More clinic space, beds, and operating rooms will allow Obras Sociales to care for a greater sector of their population.

Visit the hospital Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/ObrasHermanoPedro