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Antigua 2016 – Day 1, Art for the Children

Our art team members are some of the busiest Medical Mission Foundation volunteers. Throughout the year, the team collects craft supplies, games, and puzzles to occupy patients and their family members during their wait in the clinic or during a loved one’s surgery. This group often includes family members of our physicians and medical support staff. However, everyone likes to get into the act and make connections with the beautiful people of this community. Our new and returning surgical nurses were even able to join in on the fun for opening day!


Jewelry making, photo taking, and coloring are always popular activities. Games like Connect Four, Checkers and UNO games tend to get pretty competitive. Although hands on projects are always popular, team members have taken advantage of technology and used Snapchat filters to entertain the children. Hearing their giggles and laughter is heart warming. One team member brought a portable printer to create digital images for the children as well.


In addition to the traditional creative agenda, the hospital OR staff asked our team to help decorate their hallway in honor of their 35th birthday celebration. The hospital-wide decorating competition will be judged during this week’s festivities. ¡Buena suerte!








Click below to watch the smiles and laughter: