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Uganda 2023 – Day 2: The Journey Continues

Uganda 2023 – Day 2: The Journey Continues

So after 36 hours of flights and delays, you’d think ourJourney to Gulu would be finished. Not quite. After spending a brief night in Kampala, we get up early and load ourselves and luggage into vans for a seven hour ride to Gulu. Although I’ve been told the roads are much better than in the past, I can’t say the potholes and relentless speed bumps along the way make for a pleasant ride.

Finally after having my guts rearranged by the bumpy roads, we are greeted with an emotional welcome from one of our team leaders, Pepper Card. Pepperhas arrived days ahead of time to get things ready and after a quick hug, she hurries us back on to the vans and head to St Mary’s Locor Hospital, where we will spend our week doing the miracles we are here to do.

We are greeted by the hospital staff with wonderful songs. Teams spread out through the hospital with tasks of unloading supplies and equipment. Doctors begin meeting and screening patients for the surgeries of the week.

During the screening, one little boy has burns so bad to his hand, his fingers have fused together, Dr Nicole hopes to be able to make his hand fully functional again. 

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