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Uganda 2023 – Day 1: Travel

Uganda 2023 – Day 1: Travel

Probably one of the hardest elements of the Uganda mission is the travel. Unfortunately I made the first mistake of looking at my flight itinerary and seeing the total flight time and layovers of 36 hours. After that, knowing we had an eight hour van ride ahead of us. Was it harder this year, knowing what to expect ahead of time. Or, being clueless like I was last year. Between the two, I think knowing what was ahead of me was a little more daunting.

So imagine the planning involved with getting 30 volunteers, spread across 6 different cities, to all unite in one little part of the globe. Countless hours of flight arrangements, acquiring and packing supplies and equipment into 70+ bags of luggage and all the paperwork involved in getting the necessary documents before travel.

Stay tuned to further posts of our adventure

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