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San Lucas Tolimán 2017 – Meet Mayra “Master of Languages”

Even though Spanish is recognized as the official language in Guatemala, 21 different Mayan languages are spoken, especially in rural areas.


Kiche and Kaqchikel are predominant in the San Lucas and surrounding areas. A town of 17,000 people and 90-95% predominantly Mayan. US Spanish translators sometimes have to have our own translators, as a majority of our patients are Mayan.


Meet Mayra, our Kaqchikel translator. A nurse of 11-years at the hospital In San Lucas and a native of the town. She was asked to return to the hospital in 2006, after a 3-year departure from a previous job transfer to a different hospital. During our missions Mayra is our translator for the postoperative and recovery area.


Mayra describes herself as “a do-it-all” since nurses take a great role and responsibility at the hospital for any need. Births, ER, anything they can do to assist Dr.Tun, the only working physician in the hospital.


Mayra describes our team as inclusive, we share not only medical help, but knowledge and a friendship. She says that Medical Missions Foundation is a blessing, not only for the community to receive services, but for the opportunity that provides her to have the ability to do more for the community.

Mayra is also an artist of sorts! Every year, all of us with hair long enough, get treated to a relaxing hair braiding session. We look forward to her creative and hardworking personality, that always has a smile to share. Thank you Mayra!!