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San Lucas Tolimán 2017 – Meet Pablo Benedicto

Since 1994 Pablo has served his community with much care, humility, and a lot of energy, as the hospital care taker.


When Pablo was a 12-year-old child suffered from tetanus. After this discouraging diagnosis, it was an unheard of when he did recover. Pablo said he felt “it was a miracle.” Because of this, he promised to serve in the hospital, as an offering to do his part, caring for those that needed it like him. Sixty-eight years old now, he is still proudly serving.


He is the first one in, and that last one to go every day. He will open and lock the gates of San Lucas Hospital. Pablo does the laundry in the washer and dryer that Medical Missions Foundation fixed and donated from coffee sales back in the States. He washes all the dishes after our lunch, as he is the last one to serve himself, after everyone from our team and the local hospital team has finished their food.


He sources out the impossible and makes possible the unusual request that may come up through the work week.


We can’t wait to come see our friend, as he welcomes you with a smile, in this case, he proudly wears a KU shirt representing where his friends are from. His staple hat varies through the week, and he never fails at the end of the day with a cold “Gallo”. It makes him so happy when you are enjoying one—you can see it his face.


Most of all, it is very obvious that his presence is known as he welcomes the Medical Mission Foundation team with the hope of doing his part to serve the people of San Lucas and his community, in any way that he might have to.


Thank you, Pablo, for your dedication, love, resourcefulness… but most of all your humility!