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San Lucas Tolimán 2017 – Meet Daniel

“Education is a key to unlocking knowledge”


Christmas of 2013, the children of Mike and Cindy Rudolph (long-time dedicated volunteers and participants with Medical Missions Foundation) presented their parents with a very special gift: a scholarship fund to use in San Lucas Tolimán. This gift was then granted to Daniel, a now 23-year-old San Lucas local, who wanted to do his part for the community, specifically in the local hospital.


After conversations and guidance from Dr Tun, it was decided that one of the largest needs for the hospital an X-ray Technician, and Daniel wanted to fill that need. Daniel’s wish to go to school was granted. For the next year and half, he was to take weekend courses in Guatemala City, where he would take a bus to and from Friday-Monday.


Now two years after, Daniel serves his community with dedication and humility as an X-ray Technician. His dream continues. He hopes for a family, a home of his own, and eventually a degree in medicine to work next to Dr Tun someday.


Daniel says that meeting the Medical Missions team was a blessing; he was not only able to fulfill the Rudolph´s family wish to impact the community by giving the tool of knowledge, but also his dream of brighter future bringing #HealthforSanLucas.


One of Medical Missions Foundation core values is passing on the education to the communities we work with, to be able to sustain the programs after we are gone. Empowering them with sustainable tools for the future.


We thank you Rudolph-Link Family for the love given to San Lucas. Your donations of more than just Daniel’s scholarship has unlocked possibilities for this community and the people of Guatemala!