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Philippines 2017 – So It Begins

Today was a day of many different events even though we all started the day the same: a flag-raising ceremony with lots of singing.  For the rest of the day, some of us spent our time organizing the equipment for the OR after most of our much-needed supplies arrived.  Others spent time visiting with children and parents in the hospital and dispensing necessary items such as children’s clothing, educational packets about breastfeeding, and antibacterial soap.  The final group made the pilgrim voyage to the OR itself starting with a “simple” neck mass in a 14 year old boy.


We originally believed this mass to be a simple cyst; however, once we started operating, it became clear that we were dealing with something much more complex.  The cyst tracked down through muscle and into the tongue.  It also went to a bone in the neck and the thyroid.  Fortunately for us and him, we were able to get the mass all of the way out and we doubt it will come back.  We also completed a couple of other neck mass cases throughout the day.


Other surgical teams were also hard at work and many cholecystectomies and hernia repairs were completed. We have had such incredible

support here with local nursing and anesthesia teams jumping in to help us whenever we have

need.  We could not be more thankful for the incredible hospitality and are excited to put our feet up for the night while planning for a promising day tomorrow.