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Philippines 2017 – Rainy Day

We awoke to a slight rain in the morning. Little did we know, we would be hurtling through the city in a torrential downpour riding in a public ambulance later in the day. Our group completed many cases throughout the day including three ENT cases and many more general surgery cases. One of the patients was a middle aged lady with several years of a slowly-growing neck mass. Work-up indicated that the mass was coming from her thyroid. Today we were able to successfully remove the very inflamed thyroid gland and make her neck symmetrical again.


Another highlight of the day was an incredible distribution of over 800 pairs of glasses to locals at the health center. Patients waited in line for hours to have their number called, and we were excited to be able to provide glasses for so many. This was the point in the day that found us in the aforementioned emergency vehicle. After distributing glasses, we were transported back to the hospital with the first-class ride of an ambulance. It was just happenstance that, just as we started through the congested and minimally regulated streets of Bohol, the skies would open up and drench us. We ended the day only slightly damp, but extremely satisfied with what we had accomplished. Once again, the people of Tagbilaran have surprised us with overwhelming hospitality and warmth. We cannot wait for tomorrow to come to see what else is in store for us in Bohol.