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Philippines 2017 – Greetings from Bohol

We have started out our journey, traveling from many different places including Kansas City, Houston, and Beijing to meet in Manila and together travel to Bohol.  The bags have arrived and we have all safely made the trip to our destination.  The welcome to the country was wonderful with locally made shell necklaces for all.  A delicious and fresh lunch was provided by our gracious hosts and we were able to enjoy it with an honored guest: the mayor of Taglibaran. 


We were able to meet some of our future patients and see the facilities as well as collaborate with local physicians and surgeons who are helping make this entire endeavor possible.  After unpacking what seemed like an endless amount of supplies, we realized that we are well prepared for the days ahead.  The patients were exceptionally grateful and we were able to schedule some great cases for the upcoming days.  We are excited for what is to come and know that this trip will make an impact on the community as well as ourselves.