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India 2017 – Mission Possible

On February 17 – 27th, 2017 26 volunteers will be headed to Bhopal, India for our second medical mission to India.


How the mission got started:
Each of our missions come through connections made with people across the world with the same mission, Health for the World.
The India mission came to Medical Missions Foundation through Drs. Pratibha and Narendra Khare and their

India 2016-0180

contacts in Bhopal. Pratibha, a retired anesthesiologist and two time Uganda mission participant, and her husband Narendra, a practicing urologist, are both from India and understand the healthcare needs in the area.

2016 – Our first mission to India:
In February of 2016 the inaugural mission to India included 15 volunteers who worked inside the Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital. Throughout the week the team completed 105 surgical cases and 147 consults. To see the full extent of the amazing work accomplished click here to view the 2016 final report.


Where we work:b8986e2c-df99-4205-8a3f-413b904769e4
Our mission host hospital is located in Bhopal, India. Bhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also known as the Lake City for its various natural and artificial lakes, and is one of the greenest cities in India. It is the 17th largest city in the country and 131st in the world. Modern Bhopal is a place where you can see rich tradition intertwined with modern life. Remnants of the past live on in the grand mosques and museums. Also a cradle of arts and culture, Bhopal provides numerous centers of contemporary and performing arts.
Mission possible:
On each medical mission we hope to accomplish as much as we can for the community we are partnering with, and working for. This year we will be taking an additional surgical team, allowing us to have four operating rooms providing surgeries throughout the week. Our mission team leadership will also be scouting out potential locations for a clinic operation in the future.


What you can do:
From February 17-27 follow us in the field! Check out the blog, share posts on Facebook or Instagram— share our stories of passionate volunteers working to provide #HealthforIndia and #HealthfortheWorld. Not only that, but you can also financially support missions just like this one. Every dollar donated allows us to work towards more volunteers providing more healthcare to underserved communities.
Join us this week, be part of providing #HealthfortheWorld.
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