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India 2017 – And it begins!

We have made it to India and it has begun. Air travel to Newark, flight to Delhi, a couple of hours of rest, a quick flight to Bhopal and then a short bus ride to the Sewa Eye Hospital and after 28 hours of travel time it’s time to do what we came to do. That is the way it is on a mission. It sounds simple enough and for this group of volunteers it seems to be second nature to travel half way around the world and have the energy to get a mission up and going quickly.Screening For Surgery


Day 1 of any mission is filled with feelings of exhaustion, excitement, joy, anticipation and hope. We just traveled a lot of hours by many modes of transportation, carrying a lot of medical supplies and equipment – so I am going to let you in on a secret – you get tired –  but you will not hear a word about needing sleep or rest from any member of this mission team. They know it is what you signed up for and it is all part of the experience.


India PACU TeamThere is such an amazing feeling when we reunite with our partners from the hospital in Bhopal that helped make last year’s mission such a huge success. They are friends, and as much a part of our team as the Medical Missions Foundation volunteers that made this trip. It doesn’t take long and preop is organized, over 135 patients are assessed and screened and the three surgical suites are set and ready for patients. How did it all happen? We just arrived and they are ready. This team is ready for a week of whatever needs to be done. They are ready to share their unique and special talents with those in need.


I can feel it building. I have seen it before but it never gets old. I quickly start to feel the anticipation and hope grow that something big is about to happen.

Dr. Dillow