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Uganda 2023: Day 4 – More Work to Do

Uganda 2023: Day 4 – More Work to Do

Every day begins early. That means getting up early, eating a quick breakfast then off to St Mary’s at Lacor. For some, that means heading for the bus at 6:30 AM.After a few days of surgeries, we start to get in a rhythm.

Nicole has several burn surgeries and begins with a young girl with serious leg burns. 

Marlee and Meredith check in on a patient. 

Katrina works on a difficult hernia surgery. 

Lori provides relief to a patient after surgery.

We make sure the little patients have something to distract them from the chaos of the hospital. 
Lori and Anthony prep the patients and keep them moving into surgery. 
When theres’s a difficult IV to do, Meredith to the rescue!
Robert gets busy doing doing the many TURP surgeries scheduled for the day. 
Sister Rose stops by to check on how things are going. 


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