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Uganda 2018 – Ugandan Sunsets

He’s been dreaming of volunteering for a mission trip for as long as he can remember. Everything finally came together this year and to his great delight Ty Townsend is in Gulu, Uganda. An anesthesia assistant that I work with in KC, I already knew he was talented. While working with him this week I am so impressed with his good-natured hard work. He has masked nearly 50 patients – something that will impress those who know a little about anesthesia.


Ty says he was surprised at the level of poverty he has seen. The huts, the small shops, the clothing. He talked to Honorable Reagan one night and learned a lot about the country and treasures that conversation. Another favorite moment was Wednesday night when all the teams finished early enough to share pizza and drinks around a long table. He felt a sense of common purpose and enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers.


Seeing Comfort, a little Ugandan girl that the Medical Missions team first met 4 years ago at the Gulu burn village, was the most touching moment, bringing him nearly to tears. Her smile and story melted his heart as he visited her under the wide open Ugandan sky, the blue beginning to fade into yellow and pink, causing everything to glow as we walked the dirt road back to the waiting bus. It’s something that will stay with him forever.





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