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Uganda 2018 – An Insider’s Look

This week in Uganda is very powerful and meaningful to those who join us for the mission. More than half of our team are veterans of this mission. It speaks volumes to their dedication and the work that is done here in Uganda. For most people on the team, the mission becomes something they plan the rest of their year around.


To the casual observer, it is chaotic. In my eyes, it is something I liken to a choreographed show. Everyone on the team has a role to play, but you have to be flexible and willing to play other roles as well. Everyone is ready to step up and do what it takes to make the mission a success; if we help one person, the mission is a success.


This year, we will help improve the quality of life for 95 people through surgical care. It may not seem like a large number, but to those 95 people, it means everything.


Our goal this year is to collaborate and educate as well as perform surgical treatment. CPR was taught to practicing physicians, medical students and anyone else in the hospital who wanted to learn. AEDs were purchased and will be donated to the hospital. The medical students from Uganda participated in surgeries and learned new techniques. There were 8 classes taught and over 100 clinicians educated. If each of those doctors or students can save a life because they were properly educated, the difference made is exponential.


If you ever want to know what goes on during a surgery, you need to come on a mission trip. You can get up close and personal. I know you would probably expect it to be quiet and serene, but it is quite the opposite. It is still very controlled, but also relaxed and a little noisy. The music is playing and the volunteers talk and laugh while they work. There is always something going on. Preparations are made for the next case and instruments and sponges are counted and recounted. I watched Dr. Johnson and Dr. Holcomb remove part of a thyroid. It is amazing to see the anatomy as a surgeon sees it. Their technique and skill are unmatched as they carefully cut and sew. They offered to let me hold the thyroid after they removed it. I politely declined.


There are many opportunities to volunteer with Medical Missions Foundation. You don’t need to be a medical professional to join us. We need volunteers who have a heart for helping others. You don’t need to travel to India, Guatemala, Uganda or any of the other areas we serve to help. You can volunteer in our small warehouse counting or sorting items. We need help planning and helping at our fundraising events. We also welcome volunteers who want to get on a plane and fly around the world to serve those who need it most. If you don’t want to volunteer, but still want to support us financially, we welcome donations large or small. The money is well spent in support of our mission… and missions.


If you want to know about Medical Missions Foundation, ask someone who has been with us on a mission. You will hear amazing stories of lives changed by a group of dedicated professionals with a heart for relieving suffering and volunteering their time in service to others. There is nothing like a medical mission. It will change your life forever!


To volunteer for Medical Missions Foundation either as medical or non-medical personnel, we encourage you to complete a volunteer interest form. This is not a commitment, but simply a way to express your interest!


To support Medical Missions Foundation, donations can be made online 24/7 or sent by mail to 8363 Melrose Drive, Lenexa, KS 66214.


To donate medical supplies, see our needed supply list.