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Say Hello to Daniel

Today I met with Daniel Isaias Xep Tuiz, another of our friends here at the hospital. He is the hospital’s Radiology Technician. Daniel has a sincere desire to help people, and that is absolutely evident as you see him work and offer his help to patients and to us.


Daniel was born here in San Lucas, and lives here with his parents and eight siblings. He has five brothers and three sisters, as well as a nephew. When he was born, he had a sickness for which his parents sought treatment. To do so, they sold many things to be able to pay for the treatment, and he was cured. He wants to help others in the way that the medical treatment helped him.


In Daniel’s spare time he says he loves to read and research medicine. Last year, thanks to a donor via Medical Missions Foundation, Daniel was able to receive radiological technology training to become a Radiology Technician. He is extremely proud of this accomplishment. Today, this year’s mission directors, Mike & Cindy Rudolph, along with this year’s Medical Director, Dr. Alley, helped Daniel hang his diploma on the wall in the X-Ray Department. What a proud moment. Daniel says he wants to stay here and work here among the patients and people of San Lucas, with Dr. Tun. He loves working with the doctors and nurses here, and immersing himself in all of the work with the patients and volunteers. He clearly has, as he states in his own words, “a passion for helping others”.


Three things that Daniel sees himself as are trustworthy, friendly, and always willing to help. The people here this week with Medical Missions Foundation can certainly attest to that. Daniel is always close by, willing drop everything to help and make sure patients are being cared for. We wish Daniel the very best, and look forward to seeing him next time!