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San Lucas – Friday/Last Day in the OR

Today is our last day here at the hospital. It is always a hard day. We know, however, that it will not be long before we can come back and continue the work once again.


We wrapped up the week with 64 patients seen, and 71 procedures performed. I believe I can freely speak for everyone here when I say that it has been such a privilege to be here and to do the work that has been done this week. This team of doctors, nurses, practitioners, students, and volunteers is top-notch. They have done great things here this week, and are proud to continue the work that Medical Missions Foundation is all about. Many whom have not been here previously have told me this week how excited they are to return in the future. They have all enjoyed the opportunity to bring surgical healthcare to the people of San Lucas Toliman.


Please know that we greatly appreciate all of those whose gifts make this trip and ones like it possible. The patients, their families, and the local people of San Lucas Toliman and surrounding areas are all so very grateful to be able to have access to this care because of the generous donations that make it possible to provide.


San Lucas, we love you. Hasta la vista, amigos!