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Residents of Las Obras

Meet Wendy!  Wendy is a resident at Las Obras and gave our team a very warm welcome on our tour of the hospital today. Wendy has lived at the hospital for the past 29 years and used to refer to everyone as “Pa-pa” when she first met them, not quite understanding everyone had their own name.


Since then, Wendy has learned how to introduce herself, ask others to share their names, and is not shy to offer her approval. Unfortunately, her approval does not come easily. She liked only a few names out of our group of about 20 missionaries that got to meet her today. I did not have to worry about her opinion of my name however, because she was only interested in asking me about my t-shirt with its bicycle print. It took me a while to figure out she wanted to buy my shirt from me, not just tell me she liked it. Unfortunately, I had to turn her down – it’s the only shirt I was wearing today. I guess I’ll have to be more prepared tomorrow.