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Philippines 2023 – Day 7

Philippines 2023 – Day 7

Our team arrived at the hospital around 7am. The surgeons checked on our patients recovering in the ward. Everyone is doing well. 

Our first cases were a thyroid and cleft lip repair.  Our cleft palate repair patient was a one year old boy. Dr Carol Aylward does amazing , precise work. Without her here, this little boy would not have a chance at a beautiful smile. Dr. Aylward is already talking about coming back to Bohol. She has been traveling on mission trips for over 20 years, since she was in residency. We are thankful to have her. 

The rest of our day is filled with with a mastectomy and several thyroid removals that Dr. Talboy and Dr. Garima will do. 

As we wrap up our day, Koby Aylor and Amy Konkle, both Oracle Health Foundation volunteers, put supplies together for tomorrow. They’ve been very helpful to our OR staff. 

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