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MMF Saves a Child’s Life

The MMF medical team has seen close to 500 people at the local clinics from September 16th through September 17th. Yesterday, the medical team, art team, and local children posed for a photograph at the Lagwiny Health Center II, one of the satellite health clinics. At this location, there was a wide variety of cases ranging from tumors to rashes and skin irritations.

MMF Saves a Baby’s Life

Yesterday at the clinic, Janna, an MMF volunteer from Canada, noticed that a three year old baby was extremely lathergic and wasn’t moving. The baby was found to have a fever 40.2 degrees celsius or over 105 degrees fareinheight. The team treated the child for over an hour by just pouring water over the baby’s head to cool him down. Doctors believe this was likely caused by malaria. The MMF team felt thankful for catching the baby’s fever in time. If much more time passed the child would have died.