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Driving Days for his Father’s Care

Paul, a civil works contractor and father of four, has traveled all the way from Eastern Uganda to help his father get the medical treatment he needs. Assisted by his two brothers, the sons have traveled two long days by bus in hope that their father would receive surgery to remove the large hernia that has been causing him much pain. Paul shared that although his father is of 74 years old, he still needs his father’s encouragement, advice, and wisdom. Keep in mind that according to UNICEF, the average age life expectancy is 54. Paul wants nothing more than to keep his father alive and healthy.

In my conversation with Paul, I was dazzled by his wisdom, positive energy, and willingness to share his story. Paul told me that people are dying here. But when the Medical Missions Foundation treats patients, people get the medical treatment they need, which they normally could not afford or even have access to. Paul said, “Look around you. Look at all of the smiling faces. People are happy that you are here. Our prayers have been answered.”  In fact, this is is the fourth year, Paul has returned to see MMF staff. He tells me that people are sharing how MMF has helped them make the transition from sick to healthy, in-pain to pain-free. Paul’s story and passion for what we do is a true testament to everyone who has supported the mission to make it possible. As Paul put it, what we do is we save lives.