Why Antigua, Guatemala?

Beginning with the first mission visit in 1998, Medical Missions Foundation saw a community in desperate need of specialized surgical care. 75% of the population is estimated to live below the poverty line and suffer from limited access to medical care, and specialty care is nearly non-existent. Our annual mission fulfills a need for urological and ENT specialty surgeries, as well as providing audiology screening and hearing aid fittings.


Local Partner

Las Obras Sociales Hermano Pedro Hospital

The hospital facilities are set up to enable visiting medical teams to provide surgical specialties that the community would otherwise not have access to due to lack of local resources and high costs of private doctors and surgeons.

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Meet Anyeli

8-year-old Anyeli struggled with moderate hearing loss all her life. Her teacher, who runs a school for children with disabilities, said Anyeli was an intelligent and impressive young girl who was struggling to develop language. After a consult our team fit her with hearing aids and the effect was immediate—her smile expressed all our team hoped for, and her speech is expected to develop steadily. Click here to read more of Anyeli’s story.