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India – The Hard Work of Many People

DSC_4853There is wording on MedicalMissionsFoundation.org that says, “In a world that is divided by health inequalities, Medical Missions Foundation operates with a clear vision of a better tomorrow, a strong dose of determination and the hard work of many people to ease suffering and save lives.” It is the line, “determination and the hard work of many people” that  has been rolling around in my mind today.


I have the opportunity in my position on this mission to bounce around to many different areas. One minute I am checking out the surroundings just outside the hospital, talking with the locals, and the next I am standing in the middle of an operating room observing the work of the skilled surgical team that made this trip. Just a few minutes ago, I told one of the medical staff that I get all of the gratitude for the work they do in the surgery rooms. It seems so unfair. The work they do makes my job writing this blog so easy. There is no way I can capture and share the exact emotion you see in the faces and the words expressed to me by a family member or patient, but that is my task on this mission so here it goes.


BP Yadav

BP Yadav

A 75 year old man came to this medical camp after seeing a flyer in the local paper. His son Ramakant Yada told me, “this is the most excellent medical camp. Quality. Quality.” I met him and his dad just minutes after arrival here in Bhopal. He searched me out today to show me his gratitude and to have his sister invite me to their home for a meal. I have found that this invitation means the ultimate in this country.


Madhu Sudan, a 2 year old boy was brought to the camp by his parents. They live 160 kilometers from Bhopal and took a bus to see the Medical Missions Foundation doctors. Through a translator, his mother, a grocery shop owner, told me she will never forget us. She touched her hand to her heart and repeated “Dhanyawad, Dhanyawad”. I will be honest I didn’t need much help with the translation, the “thank you thank you” was coming from her heart.


Madhu Sudan and Abigail Hayo Mission Coordinator

Madhu Sudan and Abigail Hayo Mission Coordinator

As I write this, the number of surgical cases is topping 50. I could go on and on with stories of successful surgery and heartfelt gratitude. Walking through the recovery area will give you such pride at the work being done this week. I know each of the medical team very well and there is no way they would accept any praise for what they are doing. They do what needs to be done and will work any amount of hours in any condition to help those in need. Sore backs and swollen ankles from long hours at the operating table are just part of the challenges they face, but you will not hear a complaint but rather hear them ask who else can be helped.




I take you back to that phrase in my head, “determination and the hard work of many people.” Our team is living this each day we walk into the hospital. We are representing you and this organization in such a way that people will remember them forever. One of the Gurus in India would teach you “if you are doing something good on your right hand you should not necessarily share that good deed with your left hand.” Our medical staff would not share with you the difference they are making or even comfortably accept the gratitude given to them by their patients, but I feel that it is a story I must tell you. Their skilled hands and their caring way are making a difference – a life changing difference.


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