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Philippines 2023 – Day 2 “Travel Continues”

Philippines 2023 – Day 2 “Travel Continues”


Group 2 is waiting for their next plane from Korea to Manila to arrive. They switched our gates and we now have a one hour delay. During our layover here in Korea , everyone was able to relax, brush their teeth, grab a snack.

I caught up with Cora on what our weekend will look like. We will rest in Manila tonight and take a smaller plane from Manila to Bohol tomorrow (Saturday).


We arrived in Manila!! Had no issue with immigration except Cora’s suitcase with eyeglasses was inspected. They were curious as to why so many eyeglasses. We explained it was for our mission and it’s what people in Bohol need. Thankfully they didn’t make it a huge deal after we explained why we were traveling with a suitcase full of just eyeglasses.


We finally checked in at our hotel. It’s been a long day and we’re ready for some good sleep. We will meet up with our second small
group at breakfast.

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