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Philippines 2023 – Day 1, Jan 22

Philippines 2023 – Day 1, Jan 22


We are all ecstatic to be traveling to the Philippines. Medical Missions is returning to Bohol after Covid banned all of our mission trip during 2020-2022. We split our group of 19 volunteers into two. We also have two out-of-state volunteer that have joined us on this journey. We will all be traveling approximately 20-24hrs.

Corazón Zamora has been planning this mission trip for quite some time. However, it really takes the entire team to come together to make these trips successful – like taking time off work and away from their families. Our Philippines team has also worked collectively to get all of our necessary supplies. 
A big shout out to everyone who ordered from our Amazon wishlist also!

Travel to the Philippines is not for the faint-hearted. Our next flight from the U.S. is 12 hours long. We will arrive in Manila Friday and meet the rest of our team there. Stay tuned!

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