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Write On!

Meet Micah, the Medical Scribe for Team Urology.  At home in Oklahoma, Micah works double duty as a barista at Second Wind coffee shop in Norman, and as a Medical Scribe and Quality Assurance Specialist at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City.  There, he follows emergency room physicians and codes all the pertinent patient information in the electronic medical record.  Here in Antigua, he is transcribes using a system that is similar to the one that was used in our hospitals fifty years ago.  The urologists tell their OR nurse, Gloria, what information needs to go into the record, and she interprets for Micah, telling him what to write in the paper chart en español. Micah is up for the challenge and is enjoying his pre-med shadowing experience.  His favorite aspect has been observing  doctor-patient interactions.  Perhaps some of his experiences will find their way into his medical school application essays.