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Uganda 2022 – In My Mother’s Arms

Uganda 2022 – In My Mother’s Arms
One of the beautiful children in the burn unit at St Mary’s Lacor.

“Some days I can’t face the world outside
I fall straight into my mother’s arms
Oh and some days it feels like no one’s on my side
Then I look into my mother’s eyes
Into my mother’s arms
Oh, just feels like a child
Just like a child
Into my mother’s arms, where I
Where I shall belong
Where I won’t be home, some say, “If you never have to hide
If you just live within the line you draw”
But I know, if you take away the light
If you take away the light, it’s all dark, is it not? Ooh, into my mother’s arms
Oh, just, just like a child, no
Just like a child, no
Into my mother’s arms
Where I, I don’t have to hide
And show my mother’s eyes, say “Hush child, lay your worries off the side
Cause you rest into your mother’s arms”
– Lyrics written by Jokull Juliusson

All of my first visit to St Mary’s Hospital was completely overwhelming and heartbreaking. Yet there is a healing spirit in the air and a sense of love and comfort. So many patients in need of care, equally balanced by the outpouring of warmth from the staff. Then add to this mix, the volunteers of Medical Missions Foundation, who through their long travels from a distant land, are there to add even more love and comfort to this healing place.

There is so much to see, to take in, to comprehend the chaos. I start with the burn unit. Not a good place to start if you don’t have a massive box of tissues. As I walk through the isles of tiny patients, resting in their mother’s arms, I can barely hold back the tears. These are the sweet little babies, who through no fault of their own, have endured what no child should ever endure. Either from fire, or a burning pot, or some other tragedy, they have been mauled by intense heat. I can’t even imagine the pain inflicted upon these precious ones.

As it is common in Gulu to prepare meals and warm the homes by fire, there is always the present danger of burns, but more especially for children. Medical Missions Foundation has made it a priority to provide care to these burn patients. This year, Dr. Pablo Aguayo is performing several operations to repair tissue and restore movement to many who have large, scarred areas of skin.

As the week continues, I will do my best to hold myself together and return to the burn unit and tell some of the remarkable stories of healing.