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The Final Countdown to Uganda 2019

I love my clocks and I love when I can add a new location to the last one. This will help my daughter with the time zone difference and it’s just fun!

Team Uganda is now less than 24 hours from its departure from KCI. Over the next 10 days we hope that you will check back frequently to track our progress. God willing and internet connectivity cooperating I will do my best to provide you with photos, anecdotes and stories from the 10th anniversary mission to Gulu, Uganda. Please remember that Gulu is nine hours ahead of Kansas City, so hopefully you will wake each morning to updates. Bookmark this page and please share it with friends and family.

We all know the amazing work that Medical Mission Foundation volunteers do during missions, but we rarely see all the work that goes in so they can be gone from home and work. So for now I will leave you with a little peak at some of the work our volunteers are doing at home to make sure that everything runs smoothly in their absence.