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San Lucas Toliman – Thursday

With everything we are able to do, probably the most rewarding are days like today. We started the day with a little 5-year-old boy with phimosis, which has been a problem for him since birth. A few moments in the operating room and his problem was solved. The second pediatric case was a one-year-old little girl whose mother brought her in for a mass on her scalp. It was originally thought to be a cyst, but on careful surgical exploration we believe it to actually be an unclosed portion of her skull. She will follow up with Dr. Tun, who will watch her closely and we expect a full recovery.



Several of us, including Cindy, Jonathan (our interpreter), Katie, and Judy went to the school today for health education and arts & crafts. The arts and crafts reinforced Cindy’s skit with Chicky the sneezing chicken, and taught the children about germs and careful measures when coughing and sneezing, so as not to spread germs around. The children enjoyed us being there and were so polite and gave us their full attention.



They were so pleased to show off their artwork and loved seeing themselves in photos. Good health is serious business and begins with the younger generation. This is one way we can teach them how to be preventative through fun and laughter.



After the day was over we got a call that there was an emergency at the hospital. A 13-year-old girl had been brought in by her parents. She had been experiencing severe abdominal pain for the last five days and upon examination Dr. Tun found that she had a perforated appendix and needed immediate surgical intervention. To be transported to Solola, again, would have taken a full hour – time that she may not have had. In minutes, Dr. Tun was on the phone with Carmen and sent the ambulance to pick up the team and get them to the hospital for surgery. I’m pleased to report the surgery was successful and the girl is resting well in good condition. Another case of being able to be available and on-hand just when needed.


Another great bit of news to share as well: the baby from yesterday morning’s emergency transport is reportedly doing very well. Such great news to end the day!