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Reflections on World Health Day

As I sit in Guatemala, nearing the end of our mission to San Lucas Toliman, I am taking a break from my daily blogs to reflect on the small, but significant impact Medical Missions Foundation has on World Health.


We can’t solve all the health issues in the developing world; that is for sure. However, we can take pride in the tremendous benefits we deliver to the individuals and communities that we visit year after year.


Among the galaxy of organizations providing medical services in the developing world, MedMissions has developed the rare ability to deliver high-quality surgical care to underserved, remote communities across four continents. It is not an easy task, requiring complex logistics and tremendous commitment.


Without the commitment of our volunteers and donors, the people whose lives we transform would have no other alternatives —  due to a total lack of access to surgical care or prohibitive costs. They would continue to suffer from ailments that are so easily cured by our medical teams.


I have enjoyed my week in Guatemala. This is an inspiring and fun group of volunteers to share an important journey.