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Making Our Missions Local

Making Our Missions Local

With the recent medical developments facing everyone around the globe, we have unfortunately had to reschedule our April and June missions to Guatemala. However, in continuing our mission to provide much needed medical care to those underserved communities throughout the world, we have now redirected our focus on those underserved, in our local community.

Supplies of masks, gowns and gloves, scheduled to be shipped to our mission countries, have been dispatched to Kansas City based nonprofit agencies such as KC Care Health Center, Duchesne Caritas Clinic and Care Beyond the Boulevard. Until we are sure we can safely continue our global missions, we will continue to provide local medical clinics with whatever supplies and personnel we can.

Now more than ever, Medical Missions Foundation needs your support to continue our mission locally, and when we are able, continue our missions globally. Unfortunately when world travel opens back up, we anticipate an unprecedented need in those communities that have been worst hit by this pandemic. Not only will there be desperate need for recovery, but also for medical care that had been postponed during these quarantine efforts.

Please consider making a donation today, or become a monthly supporter though our Mission Maker program. Every dollar helps.

Thank You,
Medical Missions Foundation