Why Bhopal, India?

In 1984, Bhopal made national news when a methylisocyanate gas leak exposed the entire city to this poisonous gas that caused 5,000+ deaths and several thousand permanent and partial disabilities. The lingering effects of this local disaster, high poverty rate, and minimal access to specialized surgical care led Medical Missions Foundation to initiate a medical mission in 2016.

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Local Partners

Sewa Eye Hospital and the Jeev Sewa Sansthan Trust

The Sewa Eye Hospital was established after the 1984 gas leak to immediately address the disabilities it caused. The hospital now also hosts specialty surgical camps (with partners like us) that allow them to provide annual access to expanded health services.

Meet more of our partners

Meet Kishan

A 35-year-old field laborer, husband, and father, Kishan was burdened with a large tumor on his neck for most of his life. Numerous doctor visits continually reported an expensive and dire prognosis. By the time Kishan met with our doctors he had no hope left. After lengthy consults, and an eight hour surgery, our volunteer doctors removed
the six lb. tumor! Click here to read more of Kishan’s story.