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Dr. Zamierowski Makes House Calls

At breakfast one morning, Dr. Zamierowski shared that for the first time ever, Medical Missions Foundation (MMF) made house calls in the Gulu area. While Dr. Zamierowski shared about this experience, I could see the pain in eyes, which stemmed from the deep emotion he felt for the children’s suffering he learned about during his visit. During the house calls, Dr. Zamierowski and Abigail Hayo along with other MMF volunteers met with a priest, Brother Elio Croce, who takes in children that have cerebral palsy or are paraplegics. Dr. Zamierowski referred to this priest as a saint for saving these children that would have otherwise lived their lives in torment. The priest has taken in these children into what is called the St. Jude Children’s Home, after finding them in horrible situations. Some homeless, while others were tied up like dogs.  I was honored to hear this story first-hand from Dr. Zamierowski himself and thankful to be part of a team which could provide such deserving children not only with a visit from an impressive medical doctor, but also with a touch of love and hope.