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San Lucas 2018 – Homecoming

It’s that time again, that time when I get to go home to Guatemala, but not to visit and catch up, to work with a group of friends and, yes, family. After all these years, Medical Missions Foundation and the people of San Lucas Toliman have become family to me.


This is a special trip, ten years of Med Missions traveling to San Lucas and providing #healthforguatemala. It has been an honor for me to have been a part of this from the beginning. It all begins with a group of like-minded people, medical and nonmedical coming together with their talents and their willingness to work to make these missions happen!


After ten years, I have seen an empty hospital become a hub for other teams to use. I have seen over 1000 patients come through the revolving doors of a nonstop OR. I have seen lives changed; thumbs saved, I have seen babies being born, I have even been excited about poop! (Wilfredo, our little buddy from stories past). I have seen people come together, as a team, with one objective in mind: to do the most good they can in one week! It’s pretty magical what happens in one short week. I have been so lucky to witness all of this for ten years now. It has amazed me; it has taught me a “lesson in humility,” the lesson I told you about in my first blog during last year’s mission…I say it again. It’s the greatest lesson I have been given in life.


Join us this year again, as the advance team arrives in Guatemala today. Rachel Gunderson, our fearless Mission Medical Coordinator will join Dr. John Alley, “one of the originals” as he makes his 10th trip leading the OR. I will serve as the “ambassador,” welcoming this group of people to work in my beautiful country, for all of the beautiful people that deserve a better life!



Muchas gracias to Med Missions Foundation and the San Lucas team for giving health to San Lucas. #healthforsanlucas #healthforguatemala #healthfortheworld.