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Antigua 2018 – Mission Memories

Our volunteers are anxiously awaiting our 21st mission to Antigua next week – emphasis on the anxious this year with all of the news about Fuego’s volcanic eruption. As of right now, no plans for the trip have changed, but we’re carefully watching the news to make sure we will be able to safely carry out the mission. This year we have 49 volunteers joining us, and many of them are experienced from past trips in Antigua. As we are coming at a very difficult time, we would like to share a few of the happy memories and positive experiences some of our previous volunteers have had in Antigua to remember the importance of a mission like this.


Megan, RN
“I keep coming back to Antigua to remember why I became a nurse. Sometimes during our daily routines in the states, the feelings of giving back and helping others gets lost. So for six days, we immerse ourselves into giving health back to the Guatemalan people. I do this for them and my own heart and soul. It’s one of the best weeks of my life.”


The OR Gang at Las Obras.

Annika, Returning Volunteer
“I started working with Medical Missions Foundation as a 16-year-old high school student with a brand new hearing aid. It feels great to return for my fourth year, now as a rising senior in college, still able to share my experience with a hearing aid, translate, and learn from others in the audiology clinic. I am half Guatemalan and love this country with all of my heart, so to be able to work alongside a team of incredible people every year who share the same love is an indescribable feeling.”


Thank you for your help!

Joe, Surgical Tech
“The 2018 mission trip will be my fourth so far. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and the people are so grateful. One of the highlights of my trips so far was when I got to work with the Ambassador team for a few hours. We colored pictures, made little crafts and took pictures with the kids. The smiles that I got to see that day were worth the whole cost of the trip.”

A hearing exam for one of our patients.