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Antigua 2017 – It’s our 20th mission!

It has been anticipated for so long, and now it’s almost here! Medical Mission Foundation’s annual mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala, begins this Saturday, June 17. Many preparations have been made for this trip’s success, starting as far back as the end of last year’s trip. Mission team leaders have assessed previous efforts, communicated with the staff at Las Obras del Hermano Pedro hospital in Antigua to determine their needs, and then sought out health care staff who would be willing and able to meet those needs. It is truly an amazing effort by those who take on leadership roles, not only coordinating efforts here in the States, but also working with the hospital staff in Guatemala.


As final preparations are underway, and last-minute details taken care of, “veteran” team members are thinking of their experiences from previous trips, and looking forward to what is ahead. Those who are new to the mission, may be wondering about what this unique opportunity has in store. Medical and pharmacy suitcases were packed weeks ago. Crafts and Beanie Babies to be shared with patients and their siblings area ready to go. Now those of us going on the mission trip are packing our own bags for Saturday’s departure.


This year’s team has 59 members, made up of surgical and audiology teams, IT support personnel, as well as individuals who will provide comfort and support to the waiting families of patients. We will be arriving in Guatemala from many different states, at various times of the day, joining together on the final leg of the journey from Guatemala City to Antigua. Once there, we will discuss the specific plans and duties of each team member, and then on Sunday morning, bright and early, our work begins!


Please check back here for our daily blog with updates of our week’s activities, as I will be sharing events, and experiences along with pictures, along the way. Also, we will drop some news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well–stay tuned!