Why San Lucas Tolimán?

Medical Missions Foundation has been working in Antigua, Guatemala since 1998 and recognized the need to extend services to the more remote areas of the country. After searching for the right hospital partner, an underused medical facility that lacked the resources to provide surgical care was located in San Lucas Tolimán. The hospital’s staff of two provided clinics, but were not able to provide specialized surgeries; a problem that Medical Missions Foundation now helps alleviate for this undeserved community.


Local Partner

Hospital Monseñor Gregorio Schaffer

The hospital is set up to support the local community with basic health services, but is not staffed and supplied to provide specialized surgeries.

Meet more of our partners.


Meet Wilfredo

This two-year-old boy could not “go potty” like a regular boy until our team provided an ostomy procedure. After a successful surgery, Wilfredo and his mom came back to visit the team the following year. Wilfredo is now a healthy, laughing, and running young boy—his young life transformed from being confined to his home, deprived of most opportunity.